“Le soleil”, preparatory volume

Manoscritto rilegato, con inserti a stampa
[Roma, 1874-1877 ca.]
140 x 220 mm
Fondo Secchi, 716
Archives of Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Rome

In addition to correspondence, APUG preserves the original manuscripts of almost all editions of the scientific works of Secchi and, in some cases, also the drafts of the second editions with many manuscripts, which testify the editorial work and compositional played by the author.
In particular, the archive preserves numerous writings related to the gestation and the various changes of one of the most important works of the Jesuit astronomer: Le Soleil.
Through the comparison between these various documents (located in apug 5, apug 6, apug 7, Apug 8, apug 25-IV, apug 1411, apug 1412, apug 2929, apug 2932) it would be possible tracing the complicated editorial history of this text,initially composed in Italian by the Jesuit astronomer .
Some pages of a particular volume associated to the signature APUG 716, are reproduced here. In those pages the printer composed, alternating white paper and stamped paper, a working document so that Secchi could insert all the corrections, notes and preparatory additions to the second edition. The handwritten notes, in Italian and in French, refer to editorial indications (layout, detail of the images) and additions in the body of the text.
Elsewhere (figures 1-2) there are drawings and cuttings from other publications.

Irene Pedretti, Pontificia Università Gregoriana

Magistri astronomiae dal XVI al XIX secolo: Cristoforo Clavio, Galileo Galilei e Angelo Secchi (a cura di Fondazione Sorgente Group), De Luca Editori d'Arte, Roma, 2014, p. 80-82.