Jesuit College of Reggio

Roberto Sevardi, "Alla Biblioteca Municipale", 1918
Gelatin silver bromide on paper,
320x360 mm
Panizzi Library, Reggio Emilia

Secchi lived in the city district of S. Zeno, and was close to the home of another important scientist, the paleontologist Gaetano Chierici: Friends since childhood, together they attended the Jesuit college in Palazzo S. Giorgio, the current seat of Public Library Panizzi, pictured here in a photograph of the beginning of the twentieth century.
In those years the College, resumed the educational activity following the restoration; Here several prominent figures of Italian culture came to teach , such as Carlo Passaglia, Salvatore Tongiorgi, Antonio Angelini.
Together with Angelo Secchi and Gaetano Chierici also the cousin of Angelo, Gian Pietro Secchi, attended the college. He was an important archaeologist, who would then be called to teach at the Gregorian University of Rome and would be the director of the Kircherian Museum.
Angelo Secchi immediately shows, in addition to a lively character, a strong propensity to scientific studies, especially in physics; in 1833, at the age of 15, he moved to Rome to enter the novitiate of the Society of Jesus and to continue his studies at the Collegio Romano.

Giordano Gasparini, Biblioteca Panizzi di Reggio Emilia

Monica Leoni, Biblioteca Panizzi Reggio Emilia.