Permission to access the park of Orléans issued to Secchi

Palermo, 21 agosto 1875
154 x 210 mm
Archivio storico dell'INAF-Rome astronomical Observatory, monte Porzio Catone, Roma

The park of Orléans is located behind the Royal Palace of Palermo, to which it belonged at the time. In the days before and after the Congress Secchi often frequented the Royal Palace to go to the astronomical Palermo observatory, still located in one of the towers of the palace, to carry out urgent works that could not be postponed. As a matter of fact he had to complete a comparative study with Tacchini among the spectroscopes used by the two astronomers, to understand the discrepancies between some of their solar observations. In those days, Secchi also set up the meteorograph bought by the Palermo Observatory in 1870, which had not yet been possible to operate at the regime.

Donatella Randazzo, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo